Design in Pinspiration

Maybe this is the cliche of all cliches, but I think Pinterest has a really great design, for one reason: the design fits the concept perfectly. If Pinterest was a website where you could bookmark and save normal articles, I feel it would get really cluttered and hard to navigate. Instead, the site uses the concept of boxes in boxes to simplify lots of information storage. The idea of “boards” where you can attach a linked image is great, because photos are a lot easier to navigate than text. The gallery-style boards are also great because sometimes the information you want is just the photo; you don’t need to go to an outside websites to find out more.

Admittedly, the interface can look a little messy when you’re scrolling through the categories, but I really like the way everything looks on the profile page. Boards are lined up in an organized way, you can choose which photo you want to be your cover photo, and you get a preview of three smaller photos underneath. At the end of the day, the navigation is summed up into five simple links: boards, pins, likes, followers and following. Your entire personal Pinterest universe is contained in the navigation, and it’s really easy to find things that you saved months or even years ago.

When I first heard about the concept of Pinterest, I thought it was a really dumb idea – and if you try to explain it to someone who’s never seen it, it does sound really idiotic. But Pinterest’s content and its functionality have made a difference in my everyday life, whether its cooking or writing articles for work, and I think that’s the ultimate goal of good web design.


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