Blog 7:

It’s literally the only commercial website I want to check once in a while.

Homepage of
Homepage of

Apple’s official website offer a great textbook example of best visual experience and fluid navigation. As the innovator of both telecommunication technology and interactive design, Apple’s homepage bears nothing more than the most necessary information from a customer’s standpoint. No crazy hover effects, minimalism display of the only the latest shopping trends in the Apple community (for now, Apple Watch, of course.) It somehow makes you relax and feel comfortable, but will also invites to explore more. The navigation should also be paid attention to. While Apple Inc. is a  company with multiple streams of revenue now, it still displays the most important reasons of visiting its website: iPhone, iMac, iWatch…This is something small companies are afraid of doing, because they fear that consumers will miss it if they don’t tell them up front. However, it might be a privilege of the well-known companies like Apple.

I’ve been using to purchase iPhone 6 for my friends, and throughout the buying process, I can always tell where’s the next button to press within 2 seconds, and the online chatting window pops at right when I have some problems using  foreign credit cards.

Online Chatting Window of
A comparision of online chatting window of and A comparison of Online Chatting Window of and

The influence of’s stellar design is global. A lot of rising technology companies look up to Apple’s design as a superior creation, and sometimes even “steal” some design elements. is among many smartphone companies that replicates parts of Apple’s design. For example, you can compare the two online chatting windows of and (see below). You wouldn’t realize how strong and clear Apple’s branding is unless you run into similar design elements from a different place.

I’m not a super fan of Apple products, and I actually don’t have an iPhone for myself. But the website is just so well-designed that I enjoy visiting again and again.


One thought on “Blog 7:

  1. I agree that the design of the site is a really effective use of minimalism. I feel like the aesthetic of the site really matches the experience you get in an Apple store or interacting with Apple products, if that makes any sense.

    I’ve been visiting the Apple site fairly regularly since I got my first iPod (click wheel and black-and-white display and all) a decade ago and I don’t think the design has changed radically since then. But if a simple design works well, I suppose there’s no real reason to fix it.


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