Blog Post 7: Instagram’s Blog

In our fast-paced society, there seems to be an importance on visuals. We need more visuals in our print oublicafions and of course that means we need a lot of visuals online and other media platforms.

One website that comes to mind that is the best-designed on the web and is very visual is Instagram’s blog,

The blog features the app’s best Instagram’s of the week and other stimulating images from Instagram users.

The website features the constant scroll technique that lets you see continuous content as you scroll down.

This is the website is a blog, there isn’t much navigation you have to do unless you want to navigate to previous posts. You can see older posts by scrolling down to the bottom of the website and click older entries.

The site is capable to be changed for IOS, Android and Windows on mobile devices, which not that many sites offer.

Overall it’s a simply designed site, but it gets the blog’s message across without the design distracting from the content.


One thought on “Blog Post 7: Instagram’s Blog

  1. I had never explore until I read your post, and I’m very intrigued! It’s an interesting way to take two types of social media outlets and combine their most powerful story-telling elements. I agree that the navigation is a bit simple, but I’ve found in my experience that most users prefer that. Thanks for sharing!


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