When considering the best website on the internet, there’s a lot of pressure. I was surprised that 4 or 5 websites didn’t immediately pop into my head. There are billions of websites on the internet and more created everyday— this is a high call! After some pondering the website that I frequently visit stood out above the rest: Time.com

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.50.21 AM

This design is clean, visually engaging and distributes a lot of content without overwhelming the reader. The important information is displayed at the top of the page and information is categorized in a logical way. All of the information feels accessible — I don’t have to dig very hard to get the information that I want and desire to read.

This website utilizes multiple scroll and navigation bars which easily has the potential to be overwhelming and confusing but TIME was successful in their attempt to incorporate it all.


One thought on “TIME

  1. I like Tme.com’s site, too. For one thing, it is clear and concise in design. Without any redundant interactive features, readers can easily find their favorite news topics within a couple of seconds. The sidebars are placed on the right location and the transition from one article to the next one is very smooth. In addition, the site’s color resonates well with the theme of the time company, and when you share a news on Facebook from Time.com, the red color stays there for quite a while. This is a competitive advantage of branding.


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