#7: TypoWeather

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TypoWeather is my homepage. It’s simple, easy to read, and I always come back to it. It’s concept is clear: “The use of writing and the various font sizes provide a clear and unequivocal description of the weather conditions” (taken from the site). I think it achieves that mission. The reverse type and word choice allow me to quickly glance and know what the day’s weather might bring.

The home page. Where do I look?
Weather.com’s home page. Where do I look?
After searching for "Columbia" weather. Headache.
After searching for “Columbia” weather. Headache.

Weather.com and even the weather app on my phone make me guess at icons that might be cloudy or rainy or is that snow? Some are more clear than others, but often ads pop up and distract me. On my phone’s weather app, you can’t expand beyond a couple of days to see what the weather is like.

TypoWeather allows you to adjust the settings for your location. You can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius, and KMH or MPH for the wind speed. If you’ve searched for weather in more than one location, it saves it data. As you hover over different days, it will expand to show your further detail for each of the time frames including cloud percentage, rain, humidity and wind.  And it’s just one page, so no navigation or other content.

The mobile site is just as successful.

Overall, I think this website succeeds because it knows its goal: give people weather info. Where Weather.com fails at that mission is when it tries to entertain us with weather stories and give us other features that aren’t necessary. Which is why I think the best websites and web design work well – they know the story they want to tell and deliver it clearly.


2 thoughts on “#7: TypoWeather

  1. I really like this website. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the reverse type, it kind of goes against what is so commonly used, but I think it works marvellously for this site’s purpose. I like that it makes what the weather throughout the day will be like so obvious. It’s also just a fairly basic website, which works well for quickly digesting the day’s weather. I’m super glad you shared this; I’ll definitely be getting my weather from here now.


  2. I really love the typography on this site. It’s clean and easy to read. It’s hard to look at without thinking, “Wow this is nice.” This site is a great example of simple design implemented successfully.


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