Post #7: National Geographic


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When I’m looking for striking photos and interesting science news, I go to National Geographic. The content provided on this site is extremely useful and intriguing, and I’ve always enjoyed viewing their multimedia projects.

To add to this, the site ha a classic and easy-to-use design. Out of all the sites that I use and visit on a daily basis, it is the best designed website for me. I obviously haven’t seen every website on the Internet, but I have definitely seen a large amount of them. This website has always exceeded my expectations, and I find myself going back to it just because I think the website is visually appealing.

The design of the website is simple, and there aren’t many nuances to the design. This is one characteristic of the site that I truly enjoy. The website is not confusing, and it’s easy to navigate. I don’t feel overwhelmed when I log onto the site, and I can easily find content that I want to read.

I really enjoy the color and typography of the site, and the colors give the site a classic and informative tone. The main colors are grey, black, gold and white, and these colors complement one another. The site isn’t full of unnecessary features that make the design confusing or cluttered. The site has the essential information, and this is all. Don’t get me wrong–the sites that include many layers of code and design are just as beautiful and amazing. But for my purposes–which is mainly information gathering–this site does it the best. The content is where it needs to be, and the site allows for the content to speak for itself. Viewers have the chance to interpret what they’re reading through this simple use of design.

I mainly use the site to explore multimedia projects completed by the company, to see the various photos that are posted to the site, and to read the multitude of stories published. This website is my main source for science news and information, and I also enjoy browsing the site for its featured photographs.

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Although many of the stories on the site are not completely relevant to me, I still find many of the stories interesting, and my main reason for using the site is to have access to their amazing photographs. Their photographs shows a different side of life that is much different than mine, and this is another reason why I use the site. I enjoy seeing that change in perspective.

The visuals make the site most effective, and I feel that the company is extremely aware of this. Photos dominate the site, and I think this is a smart strategy in this era, as more people enjoy seeing visuals to reading something online. The visuals grab people’s attention, and because of this, more people become interested by the website.

The drop-down menu is another effective side of the site, even though I could see this agitating to some people when it hides content. I appreciate the drop-down menu because it provides an easier way for the viewer to access content, but I can also see the other side of the argument. It’s not my absolute favorite aspect of the website, but it does add a layer of content to the website. There is a large amount of content on the site, but the design makes it appear that the site isn’t cluttered. This helps bring and keep readers to the website for now and the future.

–Natasha Brewer


2 thoughts on “Post #7: National Geographic

  1. Hi Natasha,

    I enjoy this site as well. I think it appropriately reflects the National Geographic through its use of color, typography, image size and simplicity, as you mentioned. The navigation categories make sense to me, and I don’t mind its “drop down” nature. The site is very modular, which is effective for tablet, apps or phone views. My only wish is that the menu was sticky, because the content seems to scroll on the page for quite a while until you hit the bottom. Overall, I think this is excellently designed, and really shows off the content that makes National Geographic iconic.



  2. With National Geographic’s visual precense, it’s good that their site is simply designed and easy to navigate. With such a historical publication, it also makes sense that the website wouldn’t change much throughout the years in terms of its color and typography. The site’s usability on the desktop version transfers easily to the mobile version, which is always appreciated. Overall the classic design goes well with the publication and its message.


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