TOMS One for One

One site I frequently visit on my phone that works rather well is It has a clean, simple design that adapts well to the phone’s screen size. It is easy to navigate and just about everything that is accessible on the desktop site it also accessible on the mobile site. The site’s home page scrolls horizontally and can be viewed from top to bottom with a few swipes. The navigation appears on the left size as a horizontal navigation bar that works well on mobile. It is easy to access TOMS’s social media sites and to browse through their current shoe offerings. Although the mobile site makes browsing and shopping accessible, one thing I wouldn’t do on the mobile site is actually purchase a pair of TOMS shoes. This is much easier and quicker to do on the desktop site. However, I think that is also the case for most online shopping sites. All in all, works well on mobile.

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One thought on “TOMS One for One

  1. I think it’s interesting what you had to say about actually buying on mobile sites. I agree — I browse mobile shopping every now and then, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought anything from my phone. Punching in credit card numbers on a tiny screen seems like it would be a hassle.


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