Apparel site has a stunning mobile layout. This is their homepage.


The site sticks with a semi-opaque white/gray theme for its top-fixed navbar and bottom-fixed social media dock. The homepage showcases new arrivals right away and recent social posts further down.


The aesthetic is all it needs to be – as an apparel vendor, visuals are iloveugly’s most important asset, and they’ve made their site entirely about visuals with a super-minimalist type dividing the homepage into its different sections.

Navigation is typical but also beautiful and well executed.


The hamburger menu offers categories that link to a menu of subcategories upon activation. I navigated form “BOTTOMS” to “TRACK PANTS,” which took me to a page where I could actually browse their selection.


Again, images take top billing here. page-length rows of two products each let visitors get a good look at the piece without having to navigate to a new page, and a small “play” symbol in the corner of each frame lets you get an even better look from right where you are.



The site stays true to its design from desktop form to mobile. It retains the one-column scrolling interface, but the menu lives statically at the top of the page rather than following as visitors scroll.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.32.34 AM

I can’t afford anything they sell, but at least iloveugly is giving us cheap-os out here something nice to play with.




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