Chris Niedenthal: Photographer

Chris Niedenthal is a British-Polish photographer and photojournalist, and I believe his website is lovely.

Home page of Christ Niedenthal's portfolio website.
Home page of Christ Niedenthal’s portfolio website.

I really like the mobile design of his website. It’s simple, easy to look at, loads relatively quickly (especially for a website with a ton of pictures – as he is a photographer), and overall just has a very nice feel while viewing.

The main thing I didn’t like about the home page (pictured above) was how the number of photographs and the last name are underlined. This led me to believe they were clickable, but they were not, or at least if they are, they were not on my phone. It’s not a big deal, just not my favorite design choice.

I do, however, like how he has the precise number of photographs on his website on the front page. I think that’s a unique way to approach explaining the depth of your portfolio. And I assume, or hope, that number changes as he adds photos/takes down photos, whether manually or based on the site responding to what he uploads. I hope it’s the latter, as that’d be pretty cool.

Website menu

Niedenthal’s website uses a hamburger menu, which I find incredibly helpful on mobile websites. I’m also a bit biased towards hamburger menus as I just quite like them in general. However, Niedenthal also has the hamburger menu on the desktop version, but it’s in the top center, which I do not like.

Desktop version of menu
Desktop version of menu

I think hamburger menus work best on the side of the page. They’re too small and minimalist to really  be effective in the center. I am of the opinion that they get lost amid all the white space.

It also doesn’t come down all the way when you click it.

why does it stop? :(
why does it stop? 😦

I’d rather it pop out of the side (if it were placed on the side), or take up the entire page. Personally, I think it’d look best if it took up the entire page, but had an ever-so-slightly transparent background so you could still see a bit of the page behind the menu. But alas, that is just me.

Anyhow, here’s how Niedenthal’s photos display on the mobile website:

Niedenthal photographs display

I like how it’s easy to view, and how they’re kind of orderly scattered a bit. This made it easier for me to kind of distinguish between each photographer and for them not to all blend together in my vision as they might if they were arranged in columns.

You can also view the photographs according to a specific category, or through a specific range of time.

Options of categories of photographs

I appreciate Niedenthal’s decision to do that as it makes it easy to find a certain photograph based on year or category without having to trudge through all 463 photos. 

You can also choose to view the website in a variety of languages – English (EUR) and English (US), in case throwing the occasional “ou” into your “favourite” word confuses you, or in Polish. Look at Niedenthal creating a website that molds to his various audience members!


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