Blog Post 6: Mobile Sites

I rarely check Twitter when I’m using my laptop. I’ve become to accustomed to using it on my phone but never took the time to think about why. I’m on my computer as much as I am on my phone, so there’s got to be a reason for the preference.

I suppose the reason I use my phone to check what’s going on in the Twitter world is because of how user friendly the mobile site version is. That’s not to say that navigating through the social networking site is any more difficult to do on the computer, but there’s something about the ease with which scrolling through the timeline and favoriting and retweeting makes me compelled to go about it this way.

What I really like about the mobile version of the site is  how much space it takes up on the screen. On my laptop, I find myself being distracted by “Who To Follow” suggestions and what trends are hot right now. I like being able to focus on the content in the tweets of those I choose to follow without being bombarded by these other elements. On my mobile, I can avoid those pesky suggestions and trends without much effort at all.

If by chance I find myself curious about what’s new and exciting in the Twitter world, the search button is modestly placed in the top right corner, right by the button to compose a tweet. This makes it easy to scroll through news and what’s hot, and if I feel so moved to share my thoughts on what I’ve read, I can write a quick tweet with ease.


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