The New Republic on mobile

I don’t read a whole lot of The New Republic, and what I do usually comes from my Twitter feed. In terms of mobile-based publication design, I think TNR has a pretty solid site. It’s easily navigable and readable even on a small screen.

TNR has a pretty standard mobile type layout. It’s mostly stacked headlines, with the lead story accompanied with a box image. Whey you click on a headline, the story leads with an image, then a serif headline, then standard serif text that fills the page. Some stories have little pictures that go full screen if you click on them.

On the homepage, a tiled layout toward the bottom includes more pictures and headlines. These lead to the magazine’s different sections. An easily identifiable menu on the top right corner also does the same thing, sans pictures.

My one gripe with the site is probably the menu. Clicking on makes a dropdown menu fill the screen, but I wish each section was a little bit bigger/fatter. Maybe I just have fat fingers, but I find myself often accidentally clicking on the wrong thing when I try to navigate through a mobile dropdown menu with skinny items.


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