Youtube’s Mobile Site

One of the sites that I visit most on my phone is also one that works well on mobile. I wish I could be a little more original, but it’s Youtube. It’s not the best website I have ever seen, but it works well and gets the job done.

The hamburger menu on the top left corner works well. The search bar is the main part of the navigation. This makes sense considering most people would visit this site to search for a video they have already seen. Especially on the mobile version.

I think this site skips the frills and gets right to the point. I think it has a good approach to mobile design while keeping in mind the users needs.


2 thoughts on “Youtube’s Mobile Site

  1. Great choice! I also like YouTube’s mobile site, but come to think of it, since I have the YouTube app downloaded onto my phone, I seldom access the site online unless I click on a video link from Facebook. In fact, I just tried to access on my Chrome browser on my phone (I use a Samsung Galaxy S4) and rather than allowing me to look at the site in mobile version, it forces me to open the YouTube app instead. So the moral of the story is: Google owns everything.


  2. I agree with you guys. To be honest, I rarely read websites on my phone (maybe it’s because I’m a bit older; maybe it’s because my iPhone4 is dated). But YouTube is an app I do fire up if I want to show somebody something cool while we’re away from computers.

    It’s really simple and easy to navigate. I like how there are suggestions, but also a search bar at the top if you want to bypass that part.


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