Pocket mobile

One of my go-to sites on my phone is Pocket, which is basically an application that allows you to take your bookmarks anywhere.

Formerly called “Read It Later,” Pocket was originally built just for desktops and laptops, but clearly has great utility for mobile devices. This is what my personal Pocket homepage looks like on mobile.

Displaying image.png

And when you click on the hamburger menu, there are plenty of options…

Displaying image.png

What Pocket does well is get out of the way when you’re trying to read one of your stories. It allows you to go to the original source to find the article or to stay within the Pocket system (my preference for mobile), where it displays the article for you. It’s a clean display with nice fonts and soft colors, making the reading experience a generally enjoyable one. It allows the user to adjust display settings, in case you like your text larger or smaller. Saving or deleting the article on completion is also easy to do.

Great for airplane reading.


One thought on “Pocket mobile

  1. I started using Pocket earlier this semester, and I absolutely love it. Like you said, it works extremely well on mobile. I’m able to save links directly from my Twitter feed and from Safari, and then view those articles within Pocket on my mobile device. Pocket strips design from the articles into a clean version of the text, and it syncs all the saved links to your desktop. The creators of this app have clearly made user experience a priority. The app saves me a ton of time, and it is very practical.


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