Personally, web browsing on my phone is one of my least favorite things to do and can be often so frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for or the navigation is all off. The funny thing is that even though it’s one of my least favorite things to do, I engage in mobile browsing very often.

One particular website comes to mind immediately when I think about website mobile browsing: pinterest. There have been many mixed reviews on how Pinterest chooses to do mobile browsing. Overall, it’s a very different experience than you would have on a laptop. Pinterest was made for scrolling, so in that regard the finger scroll is very intuitive. To select something, when you hold your finger on something 3 icons come up and you can choose to pin, like or send pins by sliding over the preferred icon. The only other navigation is at the top of the browser where you can choose to go to your boards or do a general search. One interesting aspect of general search is that each word is itemized in the search bar making it easy to target a search.

Pinterest is one of the more unique mobile sites that I’ve browsed on. It has it’s frustrations and it’s moments of creative genius, but overall, it’s completely memorable.



  1. Web browsing on your phone can definitely be annoying, especially when the site isn’t set up to function on mobile devices, which is usually most of the time. But when I do find a good mobile site, it’s sort of this”awww, thank you” feeling because it makes your life so much easier, ha. I actually don’t have a Pinterest account, so I have never been to the site on my phone until now. I feel like when the three icons come up, it would be really easy to accidentally push one you didn’t want to push, or AKA pin something you didn’t mean to pin. The images are smaller than the ones on the desktop obviously, which doesn’t make the experience as enjoyable if you were wanting to look up craft ideas or recipes, etc. on the phone. But overall, the navigation is simple and easy to understand for someone who has never looked at the site before.


  2. I’m an avid user of Pinterest on both my phone and my computer, and while there are some differences between the navigation and layout of the site, I still enjoy using it on my phone. It’s pretty simple and runs really smoothly- I’ve never run into any issues unless the app itself was down. In my experience, a lot of sites that go mobile make things hard for the user to navigate through, but I like what Pinterest has done.


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