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I chose to take a look at Lush Cosmetics site for two reasons, one I am a big fan of the company and secondly, they recently received the Silver Prize at the 2014 User Experience Awards for Best Multichannel Experience. I generally don’t visit their site on my mobile device, just because I don’t do a lot of shopping on my phone. But I have looked at it on my iPad and done some online shopping on that device. I think it is important that they do have a mobile friendly site though, because I follow them on Twitter and they are frequently pushing followers via links to their website to discover new products. Even if visitors aren’t buying the product on the device, I think it is important for users to still have a pleasant experience, which I think Lush has definitely achieved.

Obviously the site is responsive, but the experience is somewhat different when first entering the site on a mobile device versus a desktop. On a mobile device, the slider that also exists on their desktop functions, and even when I wasn’t connected to WiFi my phone had no problem displaying the slider. The search bar is prominent, which I personally like it allows for visitors to easily search for something specific if they are looking without having to dig through the site. They also have a hamburger menu that also allows for other ways to navigate the site.  Then as users scroll they have the option to sort by a variety of options, right now they are promoting products for Mother’s Day. I like how the products are displayed in an image large enough to denote what it is, along with other relevant information – and they have an easy “buy now” button. All the products do not load, which is nice otherwise it would take your device forever to load the site, and they just have a “show more” button before their footer. In their footer they have two other tabs I would call them, Learn & Shop that once you tap on them another menu drops down. I think the shop one, is a little redundant honestly and is practically the same as the hamburger menu at the top of the page.

IMG_9440IMG_0153_2 IMG_0154_2 IMG_0155_2 IMG_0156_2

On a desktop the site creates a similar brand experience for visitors.  The site has the same slider that I mentioned earlier. Rather than a hamburger menu, users are greeted with a double menu, with the bottom menu providing drop down when they hover on the title. Similarly as users begin to scroll down through the site they are prompted with the products that they are promoting for Mother’s day and I think it is excellent that they keep the same consistency in display all the info regarding the product followed by the easy by now button. The footer on the site on a desktop is also much more elaborate than it is on mobile, which I think is appropriate. Providing visitors will all the options, that on a mobile device they would have to tap to preview.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.19.30 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.19.41 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.19.50 AM

Let me know your thoughts/criticisms of this site and maybe how it worked on your mobile device!


One thought on “Lush Cosmetics

  1. I don’t do much shopping on this site; in fact, I don’t do much shopping on my mobile device in general, but I think it’s very annoying when any brand constantly just links to their website in social posts, especially if that website isn’t mobile-ready. But it sounds like this one is.

    After browsing around the site, I’m not so sure I agree with the Internet deity that decided this was worthy of an award. The organization of content on the homepage seems arbitrary. The menu is also immobile at the top of the page, so when I’m deep in maze of products I have to clumsily swipe to the top to navigate elsewhere.

    Now that I’m back at the top, I see the sorting options you were talking about for the front-page products. That makes more sense in terms of order, but the scroll still felt scattered — the long line of products was peppered with articles on the site, and my quick-swiping thumb breezed past them with a little confusion. They looked like ads.

    The navigation bar is really nice, though. I appreciate the detail the designer put into each category and subcategory, a navigation tool that almost makes up for the sloppy homepage.


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