NPR mobile site provides easy platform for audio listening

As a kid, I grew up listening to A Prairie Home companion on Saturday drives, but it wasn’t until this year that I discovered a new love for podcasts and NPR. I got hooked listening to Serial this fall, and I now regularly listen to shows like Invisibilia and This American Life. I love listening to audio in my car, but NPR isn’t necessarily my go-to website for news. I’m not really sure why this is, but after several conversations with a friend who is passionate about radio platforms, I realized I wanted to make an effort to read NPR’s online content more often. NPR often approaches stories from new and interesting angles, and I am excited to listen and read more content from the news organization.IMG_3718IMG_3721

With this goal in mind, I decided to take a look at NPR’s mobile site this week. I was excited to find that NPR has a really nice mobile site. The site pulls articles into square cards of information that include a category, photo, headline, text paragraph and audio player. These tiles cleanly stack down the page as you scroll on your phone. The user can play audio directly from these tiles without leaving the page, and the user can pause audio and return to finish the audio where they left off at a different time. A News Update drop down down menu in the top right corner lists the day’s top headlines, and a hamburger menu in the top left corner serves as a navigation bar. Clicking on additional tabs in the navigation bar brings the user to other pages that have similar stacked tiles. These tiles feel mobile native, and, except in a few cases, render cleanly without glitches.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.10.22 PM

The mobile site serves as a strong companion to NPR’s regular site. On a desktop, NPR’s content also displays in tiles down the page. The navigation bar appears at the top of the page with more drop down options. Both sides prompt me to listen to my local station, KBIA. Additionally, options like Support Public Radio or Find Stations appear on the homepage of the regular site instead of within a hamburger menu. NPR’s mobile site is different in these few key ways, but it is still very effective because it does not try to force a desktop site onto a cell phone. The mobile site features modifications to NPR’s site that make sense for a handheld device. The content is easily scrollable, scalable and functional. I especially love that I can listen to the audio directly within a tile on the mobile site. On a desktop, audio actually opens in a second tab, which allows for the user to easily listen to audio while completing other tasks. On a mobile device, it is much more functional to keep the user on the same page while they explore content.

Overall, NPR’s mobile site is an aesthetically appealing and functional site. The mobile site serves all of my needs as an audio user, and I would even consider using the mobile site over using an NPR app made exclusively for audio listening.


One thought on “NPR mobile site provides easy platform for audio listening

  1. As someone who has only used NPR’s mobile app, I found it really interesting to explore their mobile site. I’ve always enjoyed using the app, and it’s one of my main sources of news. However, I’m impressed with NPR’s mobile site. The site is extremely functional, and I was still able to feel that I wasn’t missing any content.

    The design of the site is clean and modern, and the designers were able to include a large amount of content and features without making the website seem too cluttered. The hamburger menu was also functional, and I really like the fact that it pops out and becomes a sidebar. This feature easily allows consumers to navigate the website, and this feature adds more complexity to the site.

    I also think it was a strong idea to have the mobile site look so similar to the desktop site. This allows for continuity for the viewer, and it makes the organization’s purpose easy to see and understand.

    Also, I find it impressive that everything on the desktop site loads on the mobile site. I was able to load images and audio with ease on both platforms, and the loading times for the platforms were similar. The content was able to load up easily for both platforms.

    This is an extremely functional site for mobile and desktop, and I’m impressed with the work that NPR has completed to bring content to the consumers.

    –Natasha Brewer


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