Blog 6: Mahédine Yahia

Mahédine Yahia Portfolio

If you’re looking for a visually appealing website, go no farther. Mahédine Yahia, who is a French designer, showcases his works on an extremely appealing and mobile-friendly website. The website uses a downward scroll to showcase his work, and both the mobile and web versions of the site are interactive.


I usually enjoy the web version of a website more than the mobile version (I like a bigger screen), but in this case, I have different views on the different versions of the site. Yahia’s mobile version is more interactive, and I feel that the website is almost made for mobile use.

The visual aspects of the website definitely look more appealing on the desktop version, but the main menu for the site works better and looks better on mobile. The main menu is horizontal, and the tabs of the menu fill the entire screen. This worked better for the mobile version because it appropriately made up for the smaller screen. On a desktop, this type of menu was overwhelming and too large.


The mobile version of this site is essentially a smaller version of the mobile site, and each versions navigate well. However, I found it easier to navigate the site on the mobile version. The mobile version was far more responsive, and I was able to click on the different tabs with more ease. Also, the mobile version of the site was faster than the desktop version. This could be on account of the screen size, but this is another factor that helped me decide that the mobile version of the site is more responsive.

The visual details are much easier to see on the desktop version, and the typography is easier to read on the desktop version, too. The typography is a bit too small on the mobile version, and this made it difficult to read some of the text.

One main issue I found between the two versions is that the mobile version had difficulty loading some visual aspects of the site. This is mainly seen on the “Contact” page on the site.

The screenshot on the left is taken from my Google Chrome browser from my laptop. The screenshot on the right is the same page but this time, it’s on my iPhone. As you can tell, the visuals weren’t able to load on the mobile version, which could pose problems for viewers.

The website has an interesting and complex design, but I wish there was more content of his work on his site. The site is responsive for both platforms, and I was able to gather the same story and information from both versions of the site.

I also enjoyed the use of social media on his site. He’s able to connect people to his work through his different accounts, and I feel that his website is definitely successful in bringing attention to his work.

I enjoyed the website, but I think the only confusing aspect of the site is the main menu. The menu bars are a little overwhelming on the desktop version, but they are more appealing on the mobile version. Also, the content of the menu bars was a little confusing. I had trouble understanding what each tab would offer, and I had difficulty understanding where I should start on the site. This was especially true for the desktop version of the site, and because of this, it took me some time to understand the story behind the website.

–Natasha Brewer


One thought on “Blog 6: Mahédine Yahia

  1. This is beautiful. I really, really like the way this website looks on mobile (and also on a desktop).
    I agree about navigating the website being a bit confusing. I wasn’t certain about how to go about looking at all of the different projects he has done. It also took a bit to load, which was probably just because of all of the fancy shmancy effects (although I still quite like them/think they’re cool).

    But thanks so much for talking about this! I really enjoyed exploring Mahédine Yahia’s website.


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