The Little Things

I found while coding our first website, the little things are so often what trip me up. I’ll use a “;” instead of “:” and a font won’t render. I’ll copy and paste something in my html and forget my first tag. It’s little things like this that can me the most frustrating when I would refresh & refresh my site, and it wouldn’t work. I think of coding as a lot like math. There’s always right answer, but there can be different ways of going about it. But if one little step is wrong, the whole answer will be wrong. As I coded, I found myself just trying anything that would work, and then repeating it over and over. I wish my code was more organized and more condensed. Hopefully with time this will be easier to prioritize.

Below is simple example of one of my mistakes. I forgot the in </> in the <div> tag, and so the div didn’t work.  So naturally, once I fixed it, everything worked out fine.

Div problemPage view


One thought on “The Little Things

  1. Oh man, I can relate. So often during this project I found myself messing around with my code for 20 minutes trying to troubleshoot before realizing I was missing a /> or a semi colon or whatever. Some text editors are better about automatically closing tags and such than others. I ended up abandoning Text Wrangler for this reason.

    Really enjoyed seeing your unique take on bundling the content, by the way!


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