When Google fails

While the purpose of this blog post is to talk about how I *solved* certain issues with my website, I think I’ll instead highlight some of the issues I never resolved before our deadline (if we’re being honest, those are the errors that will stick with us until we finally figure out how to fix them, whether that be through Rob’s help or from the words of a teenager we found on a Reddit column about CSS).

When I think about my website and which components of it I am most pleased with, the footer is the last thing that pops up on that list. For the life of me, I just could not figure out how to remove this gap (photo below) between the bottom of the page and the bottom of the footer. The only possible solution I can think of right now is to just make the footer transparent so that, of course, viewers just can’t tell the difference between where the footer ends and where the rest of the page begins. While Google has normally been immensely helpful in solving little problems like this, it unfortunately didn’t help in this case. I would love any feedback anyone has for this pesky issue!



Other than that, I think my biggest challenge with this project was making executive design decisions. I spent more time than I imagined I would on picking the two main typefaces for this website, and funny enough, I didn’t end up loving the two that I picked in the end! Somehow, presenting my work to the class seemed to put the entire site into a different perspective, and I started to realize all of the ways it could be visually improved. For the next site, I think I’ll show it to a couple friends and see what they have to say. Maybe that will prep me better!


2 thoughts on “When Google fails

  1. I really enjoyed your website! Although I don’t have any answers to your footer issue, my one thought would be checking out the padding around the footer div– maybe it was automatically set to have that space, and ‘clearing’ it might help. Just a thought. I also can relate to the amount of time spent on the details of the design decisions. I loved your main font for your site, the time spent deciding that paid off. I was surprised in this project how long EVERYTHING took to do, especially in the design planing and then even longer in the execution of it all.


  2. I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but I actually like the little continuation of the photo under the footer. I think it gives the page a bit of space and keeps the footer from looking too harsh. I know I definitely had elements of my site that made me compromise between my original vision and what I could feasibly do. It’s frustrating knowing that your own skill level is the only thing preventing you from getting something to show up the way you want, but that’s life. I think you are totally right about the problems that take the longest to fix being the ones to stick with us the longest and as annoying as they are, we are definitely learning from them!


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