Errors, Errors, Everywhere

The most difficult aspect of my site design so far has been creating a menu bar for the site. Originally, I had wanted to place the menu on the left side of the page. I thought this would be a strong design choice, and I thought the design would be visually appealing for the viewer and would not create too much of a distraction for the viewer.

However, creating this menu bar was much easier said than done. I tried different div combinations, and I tried to use several types of ids and classes. However, I could not create what I wanted.

The menu bar did not seem to want to lie on the left side of the screen. I tried to float the menu bar to the left side of the screen, but this only caused confusion for the different buttons of the menu. Also, it was extremely difficult to add color and font designs to the original code, and I ended up spending a majority of my time trying to understand how to make this menu bar work.

In the end, I had to scrap the idea. I had spent hours working on the menu bar, and I realized that I was not making any progress. I decided to create the standard menu bar for the site, but I plan on continuing to play with the idea of a side menu bar.

I also had trouble adding a fixed background image to my home page. For some reason, I couldn’t figure out why the image would not show up on the screen. My CSS appeared to be correct, but I had difficulty understanding why the image would not work. In the end, I had to keep in as a white screen, but I will also continue to play with this code and see what I can get it to do.

In the end, this website has been difficult to design. I’m having trouble seeing the story of the design, and I spent a large amount of time trying to be a perfectionist with the site that it ended up not turning out the way I wanted. I need to continue to play with the website to find how to make it more visually appealing to the viewer and how to make the story in the site more prominent.


One thought on “Errors, Errors, Everywhere

  1. All the agreement over here. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in designing/building a website, it’s that it’s super to make it look like you actually want it to! Which sucks a lot when you’re a perfectionist. It’s just a lot of time and editing and adjusting stuff to hopefully get something that will work. Good luck with the rest of it!


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