Blog Post 5: CSS and Coding Probz

In the beginning days of learning basic HTML coding, I thought building a website was going to be a cinch. Well, I was wrong. Since those early, blissful days of basic coding, I have become frustrated with several concepts and items I have had to code.

It seems I just can’t get my navigation bar to go across the entire width of the page. I was able to center the navigation bar and make it wider by adjusting the padding and sizing but will still need to work with it. I think the container div and main div might be in the way somehow, which may be causing the navigation bar to not stretch across the entire page.

It’s definitely been trial and error while designing this first draft of the site assignment. I’m definitely having trouble figuring out how to change the style of individual pages with just one style sheet (I got away with it by not making my pages vary very much, which will change for the final draft). And what’s the difference between something that says .nav or #nav?????

#Veryimportantcodingquestions that hopefully can be answered easily!


One thought on “Blog Post 5: CSS and Coding Probz

  1. Hey Madison, I got pretty confused by the #nav versus .nav at first too. I looked back at some of the Treehouse CSS videos, and I realized the difference. The hashtag # is for an id, and a period is for a class. A class attribute can be used multiple times in your HTML, but an ID is usually for one item. Basically you just have to check if you wrote in your HTML an id= or class= and then use the hashtag or period accordingly. Even after I figured out the difference, I kept confusing myself through out the project, wondering why I could’t get my CSS to work. Most of the the time it was because I had confused a class with an id between my HTML and CSS. Hope that helps!


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