Building this website is one of the most daunting things I’ve ever done. (I know you’re probably thinking I have an really unexciting life, but I’m serious.) From the beginning I’ve felt a bit thrown into the foreign land of code figuring out the tenses if you will of HTML and CSS. From the beginning, none of my coding endeavors have been easy and most don’t work the first, second, or third time. It’s been difficult to wrap my mind around how each of the elements relate and connect to each other— what do they say to each other and how do they influence each other. I was hoping by this time in the semester I would’ve hit some some sort of stride by now, but understanding the elements is taking more time than I would like it to. One of the most difficult concepts for me to wrap my mind around and find that my code is often broken is somewhere in the divs. Divs nesting in divs and where they start and end has been the source of many of my woes.

Writing this new language to create a website, I often find myself wishing that there was a way I could draw and design my website in illustrator/indesign and that code would be written, but until then, I’ll continue stretching my perspective and becoming fluent in the coding language.



  1. I completely agree with you! Coding a website is intimidating, but it is extremely rewarding once you get it figured out! I had trouble figuring out how to utilize my divs in the coding, but I found that it takes some trial and error for the sites to work.

    Although it is definitely intimidating, I’ve learned the most from playing around with the code and understanding how different aspects of the code interacts with each other. I had the most trouble creating a menu for the page, and this proved to be something that I had to play around with. It definitely requires practice to master the art and science of coding, and it’s been an interesting journey. I’m looking forward to seeing my site once it’s completed!

    With more practice, I think that we’ll feel more comfortable with working on the code. Learning how to code is like learning a new language, and like all languages, it’s not entirely easy to learn.

    –Natasha Brewer


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