Monitor Blindness

Working on our second index site, when we began styling in CSS, I was towards the end of the assignment and some of the changes that I was making towards the end of my CSS style sheet were not appearing on the site. I didn’t know if this maybe had something to do with the hierarchy of the items, i.e. sometimes when styling links certain selections have to be made before others like, hover or what a visited link will look like. I double checked that all of those were in the correct order and I still was not seeing changes that I had made appear on the site.

I then just tired to see if I changed the background color to some absurd color if that change would appear, it did not. In a moment of desperation I sent my code to Professor Weir. He quickly noticed that I had an extra bracket in my style sheet that was not allowing all the code beneath it validate. I think it was one of those situations where I was so familiar with the content and had been staring at it for so long my eyes were just skipping over that bracket. He advised that another quick fix (so that I don’t have to bother him every time haha) is to throw your code into the W3C validator and that is an error that it would quickly pick up and notify you of.


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