Bengalspace Blues

So one of the main problems I have encountered thus far has not been with the code, it has been with bengalspace. This is a super frustrating issue, especially when I get the code right and everything is working. It just seems like this should not be the hardest part of a website.

My problem occurred when I tried to upload a second idex.html. It seemed like one basically cancelled out the other. I was able to figure out my problem with a quick google search (sadly, the way I try to fix most of my problems).

Anyone else have any trouble with bengalspace?


One thought on “Bengalspace Blues

  1. Bengalspace certainly gave me issues last year when I took a Convergence class in Photo, Audio and Video. It would seemingly take me three hours to complete an assignment and then another three hours to figure out why it wasn’t uploading on my website. So I feel your frustration.

    In this class I haven’t had any issues with it, but I suspect that’s because I eventually worked them all out last year.

    If I have one piece of advice it would be to save everything on an external hard drive instead of saving all changes on Cyberduck. Then, when you’re finally done, just save a copy to the Bengalspace and name it something completely different (like project2index.html).



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