Say hello to Huge. Huge is a “digital agency providing strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to Fortune 100 companies,” or so says Wikipedia. I really like their website because it’s fun and colourful and relatively clean and makes me want to use them to market my non-existent product.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.18.14 AMThey have a huge H just commented out at the start of their stylesheet, which I really love. They actually have a couple hidden gems throughout their html/css code. For example:


This class that’s called a “deadly ninja overlay waiting to strike,” which I really appreciate because it’s creative and fun and made me smile when I saw it.

One of my favorite parts of the website is their menu, which is essentially one big responsive page. The menu pops out to take up the entire screen, and has all those hover features and such we love. And it adjusts to the browser side, as I realized when I was fiddling around with the size of my Mr. Inspector Tool.

Here, you can see the usage of percentages for size.
Here, you can see the usage of percentages for size.
Here, you can see the font size is 12.########...
Here, you can see the font size is 12.########…px.
And here the font size is 23.#######... px.
And here the font size is 23.#######… px.

There were a few !importants throughout the stylesheet, which, as we learned, is not necessarily a good thing.

Outside of that, while the stylesheet was upwards of 7300 lines (which is probably not that high for a typical website with lots of content, but in comparison to what we’ve done in class…), I found it relatively to follow along with despite my beginner’s experience, and I felt it was pretty clean. Although if there’s one thing I’ll take away from inspecting websites, it’s that a ton of work goes into building them (obviously) and people are impressive for coming up with this stuff in the first place.


One thought on “It’s HUGE

  1. Very cool design, especially considering they have bold color options. Then again the name of the company is Huge so maybe it’s not so far-fetched that they would test the boundaries of design and make ridiculous names for div classes.

    Obviously the responsive design is great. To me, such design signifies a high level of sophistication. This is probably because users only have to scroll one way (up/down) instead of two (up/down and left/right).

    I also like the full page pop-up navigation. Interestingly enough, it’s actually not as responsive as the rest of the website. Still I like that it is a unique approach to the menu and that the background is somewhat transparent. Because of this transparency, I understand as a user that this is not a separate page and can still orient myself within the overall website.


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