Design Milk

Design Milk is a site that I visit pretty frequently – they review lots of different types of modern/innovative design from furniture to jewelry.

There are two aspects that I really like about this site – the type and the initial slider on the homepage.

Once I started digging deeper into the site and just initially looking at the HTML markup I realized a lot of the site is styled using JavaScript – which I know we discussed from an accessibility standpoint is somewhat of a downfall.

It seems that the slideshow and other parts of the site such as the leaderboard are created using a Google plugin in a CSS stylesheet, that also aids in creating the infinite scroll of content on the page. Each slider of content is wrapped in a div and assigned a class that is then styled, with the aid of the plugin in, according to shape and size and then placed on the home page. I’ve noticed that they update their sliders pretty frequently, so this must be somewhat of a beat to keep up to date.

The font-type is also imported into the page, SSStandard, that has many different versions that are interchanged to create the headers and body type on the page. They also utilize different font-weights to create bolder headers and sidebars on the page. They also use a webkit font smoothy property on all the text on the page. Lastly, they have adjusted all of their text to be responsive in adjusting given the width of the screen. For example, when the window becomes so narrow the site begins to flow into a one column layout and the text adjusts accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Design Milk

  1. I think one of the striking point of this website is that its grid system shares a lot in common with Pinterest, and I think they do it on purpose to let users share the content in a very convenient manner. And the slider is also worth noticing, as it contains two buttons to go to the next object while keeping a bar-style thumbnail at the top. However, the sidebar on the right seems to waste a lot of space, even though the grids on the left is emphasized most.


  2. Cool choice! I’ve never heard of Design Milk before, but I’m definitely planning on giving this site a full once-over just for fun. I can see what you mean about the Javascript. Not having known what that was and what it did before taking this class, I’m starting to be able to identify it on different websites. I’m going to go ahead and assume that those “live tiles” (which kind of remind me of live tiles the Windows 8.1 layout that we talked about in class) on the sidebar of the home page were created via Javascript. It’s a cool feature, but one of the tiles caught my eye, and when I scrolled down to examine it more closely, it had already changed to a new image. This could be a deterrent to interested viewers, who would then have to search for the item on their own!


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