Blog Post Three: Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a website that is dedicated to publishing pieces written by a wide variety of contributors. Topics range across the board, and all are diverse and thought provoking. The website itself is simple in contrast to the perplexing stories.

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 11.03.56 AM

The homepage, and the pages to follow, consists of six different articles, all of which are accompanied by a representative photo thumbnail, the authors name and a brief excerpt from the piece to give the readers and idea of what it’s about and how it reads. The headlines/titles of the pieces are in large print as to attract the reader’s attention, and the excerpt is a different font and a big smaller. This makes it easier for the reader to understand what’s most important about the piece and draws the reader in.

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 11.13.32 AM

The text of the actual pieces is in Georgia. People rag on this font quite a bit, but it’s actually one of my favorites. It’s easy to read and while people might complain that it’s boring or plain, I appreciate its simplicity. It’s not distracting to the reader, which may serve as a way to keep readers from sticking to the story and not straying away. The font size is on the large side too, which I enjoy. I don’t have to squint to read the article and it makes it easy to flow through the piece.

We’ve talked in class about how the typography of a page should reflect the vibe and purpose of the site. As I mentioned previously, some people may not be a huge fan of Georgia font, saying its plain and boring. But I think it serves a purpose for this site. The purpose of the site is to share captivating stories and ideas with anyone willing to read them, and I think keeping it simple is a great way to keep the attention of the audience. You’re not distracted by goofy loops at the ends of letters or little hearts over i’s; you’re there to read an article, to be engaged in it and moved by it. The best way to do so is to keep it simple, make it big, and let it flow.


One thought on “Blog Post Three: Thought Catalog

  1. I despise Thought Catalog, so I can’t say I spend a whole lot of time on the site. Since the last time I visited the site, it got a major redesign. I agree that you can’t go wrong with Georgia. It certainly makes body text easy to read and it’s neutral. I’m less of a fan of the header text though. The all caps in the nav bar is somewhat difficult to read and the whole font feels a little reminiscent of ’90s Impact to me.


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