Another Escape

Another Escape is “an outdoor lifestyle and creative culture publication that explored that stories of passionate people and the ideas and stimuli behind their inspirational lifestyles.” From first glance, it is a beautifully designed website with a strong layout, imagery, and-the subject of this blog post-typography.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.48.31 AM

The site uses a variety of fonts for headings, body, and photo captions, but they all blend together seamlessly. Headings use the font family BrandonMedium, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif in all caps, set at 17px with a 23px line height, aligned to the center. Body copy sues the font family BrandonLight, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, set at 17px with a 23px line height, aligned to the center. Photo captions use the font family LibreBaskervilleItalic, Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif, set at 13px with a 20px line height, aligned to the center.

Most of the typography on the site is black over a white background, with occasional typography in black or white over a grey background. This slight variation is visually pleasing and helps to break up sections of content in a ways that maintains simplicity.

The type helps set the tone of the site, which can be summarized with words pulled directly from the site’s introduction: exploration, creativity, innovation, discovery, gentle, humble, interesting, exploratory, creative, unusual, and extraordinary. With content that encapsulates words like those, it is important for the type to fade into the background, to be so natural to the page that you almost don’t notice it. Another Escape accomplishes that with its design. The typography is neutral and simple enough to mesh with the various types and styles of stories and people that make up Another Escape.


One thought on “Another Escape

  1. I’m really in love with everything about this website. The beautiful photography certainly doesn’t hurt. The website says they seek a humble and gentle tone. The typography definitely reflects that. This site has really great line length. I am often annoyed by long line lengths on the web. The body type also has great leading. It is a little bigger than most sites, but I think it reinforces the tone they are seeking. The different sans serif fonts all look great on the site. Every little detail has been carefully thought out to back up the sites’ goal and tone.


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