Welcome Home via Airbnb

Airbnb, a travel-assisting and vacation rental site, is one of those websites I wish I had the opportunity to use more often (though that might have a lot more to do with my wishes to travel more often in general). So for this blog post, I thought I’d take a look at this site in particular, and I was pleasantly surprised by the typeface.

The home page is visually balanced overall, but the typeface is what grabbed my attention initially. Immediately, I was greeted by the words “Welcome Home,” which aside from being a friendly way of both greeting your user and alluding to the business you’re in, were appropriately typed in a typeface called “Circular.”


What I like about this greeting and typeface choice is that even in all caps, the “Welcome Home” looks friendly because all the letters are so round. The all-caps isn’t overwhelming at all when put in the context of all the other copy on the home page, which is still written in Circular but is lowercased.

Looking at the elements of the page, I could see that Circular was the first typeface option, but in the chance that it didn’t show up on a user’s browser, the website would either display Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, and finally, Arial. I appreciate the choice of a Sans Serif typeface for this website because it exudes Airbnb’s branding. Their choice of a simple and fuss-free typeface matches the brand’s ability to provide a simple user experience and make the booking process as easy as possible.

Airbnb’s typeface remains consistent throughout its branding and website. The logo itself (which is a fairly recent redesign) is presented in Circular, too, and I think it really lends itself to the overall friendly image of the brand.


Capture2This typeface is used throughout the website (for headers and paragraphs alike) and looks just as underwhelming and approachable as it does on the home page. I think this was a wise choice on behalf of the brand, given that the trip planning process can be anything but simple!





One thought on “Welcome Home via Airbnb

  1. I agree that this typeface is particularly pleasing, even in its all uppercase version. It has a large x-height which increases its readability. It seems to me that most websites have a consistent two or three fonts used throughout the website. Given that precedent, I’m surprised to see Airbnb uses Circular exclusively. Another reason I think this typeface is effective is because of how little text there is on the website. I went to the “About Us” page to find more text and was unimpressed with the typeface used in paragraph form. It’s readable, but I think my eyes would get exhausted if I had to read more than 300 words. Perhaps this is because I prefer serif fonts in most large items of text.

    The only other problem that I encountered with the typeface was its color. The white exudes a clean and inviting aesthetic that fits well with the branding, but it makes it difficult to read in many places because of the background photos. I like the design with the text overlay on these photos, but the readability shouldn’t be compromised because of it. Simply choosing a different color would solve this problem.


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