When considering websites that have an interesting and appealing use of typography, Relevant Magazine immediately comes to mind. This sight is clean, modern and trendy of which the typography is an essential element to this aesthetic. The audience of this magazine is adults in their 20s seeking to read articles on relevant issues and the magazine is both digital and print.

Here’s a look at the home page:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.10.56 AM

This site is particularly interesting because of the combination of serif and sans serif fonts. Since this website is primarily articles, it is essential that large amounts of block text remain readable to the audience. The headlines and subheads are written in a long and narrow sans serif font, while the body text is in a large serif font.

Upon viewing the source and inspecting the element, we find that Arial and Helvetica are the chosen font-families for the headers. We also discover that the body text font-families are ‘PT Serif’ and Georgia. I feel like combining such a large amount of serif and sans serif fonts can be risky to overall flow and continuity. However, Relevant allows to two different styles of fonts to work together and compliment each other contributing to their overall chic and slightly edgy aesthetic.

When we discussed typography in class, we talked about how great typography shouldn’t be noticed or call attention to itself. Relevant’s use of typography does exactly that– it adds to the overall website, but never at any point while browsing was I distracted or fixated on the typography. The typography adds to the overall experience, but doesn’t take away from the actual content.


2 thoughts on “RELEVANT

  1. I agree with your analysis. It is easy to tell the difference between headlines and subheads because of the combination of serif and sans serif fonts, which compliment each other nicely. I too never felt overwhelmed or distracted by the content of the page, but rather very much enjoyed the way the typography made the content and overall user experience flow effortlessly.


  2. Relevant is one of my favorite print magazines. Their branding translates well onto the web, as you’ve noted with their use of typography and effortless combination of serif and sans-serif. I appreciate reading their articles both online and on mobile. The touches of print elements are also nice – pull quote treatments, drop caps, sidebars and spot color. Excellent find.


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