Typography: 40 Days of Dating

I find the typography for the website “40 days of dating” to be both interesting and effective. This website tracks the progress of two friends who agree to date for 40 days. To show this, the site is broken down into a grid composed of tile cards, the one on the left representing Jessica, the one on the right representing Timothy. Each row of tile cards is a day and each column is the thoughts and feelings of the person on that day. 


This website could easily be visually overwhelming. Each tile card has very elaborately drawn lettering and is a bright color. However, I think this site works because all the typography other than the tile cards is consistent. The site uses variations of Sofia, a sans serif font with clean lines and somewhat thick font weight. 

The designer also uses typography in a very structured way: 

    Days: all caps, bold, 11px font

    Names: sentence case, bold, 25px font

    Questions: sentence case, bold, 16px font

    Answers: sentence case, regular, 16px font

The effect is that not only does the page look consistent when you scroll through it, but Jessica’s responses visually match Timothy’s:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.01.45 PM

This structure and simplicity prevents the viewer from being overwhelmed by the design. Good typography shouldn’t be something you notice. If well done, the viewer isn’t distracted by it, but is instead able to focus on the content. I think this site has an interesting mix of really elaborate, brightly colored, over the top lettering to draw you in and simple, clean typography for the important inner content.


One thought on “Typography: 40 Days of Dating

  1. This site is really interesting, but I understand what you mean by feeling overwhelmed. Once you figure out how the site works, it’s extremely interesting and visual.

    The text definitely fades into the design, and I thought it was the appropriate font for a site like this. If the font were visually complex, then the site would have been difficult to digest.

    The text gives the website a young and modern vibe, and I feel that the color of the text is a smart move. The black color of the text adds the sense of seriousness to the website, and it offsets the visual aspects of the website.

    There’s a balance to the website, and the text helps to create this tone. Also, the text is the only aspect of the website that both people share throughout the entire design of the site. Their graphics and visuals have different styles, but they share the same text in their writing. This little detail helps build the story of these two people who are dating. It connects them, even though they are different types of people.

    The text helps to move the story and its plot, and I enjoyed the use of bold and regular weight text. This added more complexity to the design of the website, but it wasn’t overwhelming. There are many layers to this site, and the text adds the level of simplicity to the site that is needed to guide the viewer through the story.

    –Natasha Brewer


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