Standard is Good homepage

The Theatre Communicatoins Group’s bright orange logo sits in the upper lefthand corner of its site — the typical “logo space” — directly above a horizontal navigation bar. Upon hovering, each item in the nav bar expands into a more specific set of navigation options. It’s a pretty standard layout, but one element that’s really helping this site is a very simple one: color. The logo is not complex (it’s a circle), but it’s eye-catching because it’s bright orange, and the nav bar items move from orange to indigo to red in recognizable ROYGBIV fashion. This header sits atop every page on the site, making for easy navigation back home should you get lost.

On the homepage, a slider takes up most of the space — like we said in class, not totally engaging, but easily movable with a navigation bar directly below it. To the right of a slider is a sidebar that clearly displays “important deadlines” and “upcoming events.” Below the slider is a set of links to “new and notable” stories within the site. The TCG site is basic, but that kind of familiar model works well for accessibility. When visitors see menu styles they recognize and attention-grabbing colors, it’s easy, almost reflexive, for them to intuit how to find what they need on the page.


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