Smashing Ideas

While browsing through several multimedia sites, I happened upon on called Smashing Ideas. Upon clicking on it, I was immediately pleased by the layout: a beautiful photo greeted me, then quickly changed as I scrolled down. Text explained the mission statement of the website, while links asked me to click to ‘learn more’. As I browsed through the navigation bar’s options, however, it quickly became clear that the only thing this website did was allow for scrolling. I felt that it was somewhat repetitive after a while, and I would have liked a static page that laid everything out for me to see together. Still, the scrolling did give it a modern feeling.

The choice of fonts and images gave the website a clean, updated feeling, and I had the impression that this was a company that was very innovative. A glance at the careers page confirmed my feelings: the company wanted savvy, forward-thinking employees with new ideas, not desk jockeys. Still, I thought that the web design might come across as sterile to some people. I definitely felt somewhat intimidated, and I’m not sure I would have applied to a job at this company, had I been looking. While innovative, the font and the simplicity somehow felt stern.

I was expecting more out of this website by the end, but the scroll and  the changing color palette were the primary wow factors the website had. I was hoping to find a video of the CEO delivering the company’s mission statement or something like that somewhere, but the site relied only on the combination of text and still pictures, not audio. I think this site could definitely benefit from adding videos into the scroll, and adding a few static pages where one could click to see the information change horizontally, for instance. Still, I think the site has a good starting point for building their viewers’ curiosity, and I would definitely incorporate the strategic simplicity into my own site.


One thought on “Smashing Ideas

  1. I agree that this site, while aesthetically pleasing, isn’t the greatest for usability. Like you said, the continual scrolling prevents any holistic view of the information. In order to figure out what the website is about you have to commit to reading pages upon pages of information. I found my attention wavering from what I was reading and wanting to click on other tabs or leave the site altogether before I got to the bottom of a page.

    The whole site appeared to be an extensive “about us” page. There was so much focus on describing the process and mission of what they do and very little was actual examples of what they do. Even the case studies were heavily focused on their process instead of their findings.

    I do appreciate the typography used, as well as the simple color scheme and intuitive navigation features.


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