Post two :

I chose to critique NPR’s website I listen to NPR whenever I am in my car and tend to rely on them as my major news source. I really enjoy the way their website is designed. It is a very visual website, which is a little unexpected for radio that deals with no visuals at all. They get straight to the news content. The user scrolls down the page and each news story is presented with an image.Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 10.44.44 AM


There is also a “don’t miss” sidebar for any light-hearted stories that might have been forced off the front page by my recent news. Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 10.45.02 AM


The website uses different sized images and boxes to create a visual hierarchy. Some of the stories are played larger, while other don’t necessarily warrant as much space.  With each stories being presented in a box, it is a very neatly organized site. When the mouse scrolls over the headline of a story, it turns from black to blue. It is very obvious what is clickable on the page. There is minimal noise on the page. There is no “happy talk.” The user can scroll through stories until one interests them without having to wade through any unnecessary chatter. It is easy to search and always easy to find your way home. Overall, this site is extremely user friendly. Anyone of any age or level would be able to successfully navigate this website.


One thought on “Post two :

  1. Roselyn,

    This is my home page! Visiting is a breath of fresh air, considering the clutter and chaos of other national news websites. The site is minimal and well organized, as you’ve said, and I believe its tone reflects the news organization as a whole. Reporting in a single medium is a thing of the past. They’ve capitalized listener and reader demands to have news in all forms with a well-designed web presence. It’s exciting to see NPR produce multimedia pieces beyond its radio comfort. I can’t wait to see how the site, and the organization as a whole, develops in years to come.



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