The Richards Group

I chose to take a look at the advertising agency, The Richards Group’s website (they are the largest independent agency in the nation).

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.23.46 PM

The homepage is somewhat confusing to navigate to a new user. Visitors have to hover over each of the icons to see what page they will lead you to. Each icon when you hover over it is animated and I think this does demonstrate how this agency is “fun” and unique from others. I also really like that they have their social links in the bottom corner of the homepage, which remain consistent on every page of the site. The site is also very minimalist in design, which I enjoy. There isn’t too much animation, and too much clutter on any of the pages.

I then chose to look at the “People” page of the website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.31.45 PM

I like that there is a side bar menu on the left side, that allows visitors to easily switch between pages of the site. I also think that the top menu that divides up the divisions of employees is also helpful. But if a visitor was looking for a specific employee they would have to scroll through the entire menu till they find their desired choice; there is no way to specifically search by name.

Taking into consideration Krug’s five guidelines, this site does create a visual hierarchy on each page, and does break up the pages neatly, even though for example on the people page it may be a little time consuming to navigate. The site does take into some conventions of typical site navigations, i.e. given how it builds its menus, but also breaks some conventions i.e. it’s homepage and the interactivity – which I think actually works to the sites advantage in making it unique. The site does literally have noise that occurs when hovering over some interactive elements and pieces in their portfolio, but it is easy for users to turn it off, with the option available in the side menu. I do think the feature of noise does speak to the “fun” element that the sight is trying to convey.

I think the biggest thing that I would change to this site is the navigation. Especially within pages (like the people page), make it easier for visitors to search for their queries. And perhaps be more descriptive in what visitors are looking/viewing when scrolling pieces in their portfolio, or employees on their site.


One thought on “The Richards Group

  1. This was a great find! I had never heard of this company before, and I found their website to be interesting. I agree with you on the idea that the site is a little confusing at times to navigate. The site caters to a tech-savvy customer market, and while I think this benefits the company in some ways, it also hurts the company in other ways by potentially being too complicated for a certain sector of clients.

    The site felt interactive, and the most interesting aspect of the site was its use of noise. I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard the sounds. Overall, I don’t think they have a strong purpose in the website. I understand that the noises are emphasizing the sense of “fun” the company has, but the noises are overdone. The company could have improved this feature of their site by only including sound in the sidebar menu. This would have helped the menu stand out to users, and it could have made the website easier to navigate and understand.

    The site is definitely following trends, and the white background is striking. While I appreciate it’s simplicity, there are times when it seems too simple. The site always allowed access to its social media sites, but email and phone number were difficult to find. For me, this is an example of when simplicity hurts the site. It’s so simple that the user has difficulty getting in direct contact with the company.

    The site is powerful and makes a strong statement, but I feel that there are some areas of the site that leave the user slightly confused. This could be solved with more specific language on the site, and it could also be solved by adding more information about the company and its work methods to the site.

    –Natasha Brewer


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