NYT: Inaugural Words

I chose to look at Inaugural Words, on the New York Times site. The story chronicles all the inaugural addresses from presidents starting with George Washington. Visitors can hover along a timeline of presidents heads at the top of the page, which is also divided into 20 year blocks, that I think does help the navigation of a pretty large time span.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.10.25 AM

Once a user selects a president their picture appears on the right side of the page with a blurb on the inaugural address. On the right side of the screen appears a word cloud of the most used words throughout the speech. Users can hover over the words and see how many times they were used. In addition, if the user clicks on the word, another pop-up screen appears, with a bar chart that users can hover over and see how frequently other presidents in their addresses used that word. Lastly users can scroll through and see the word in context, of the sentences that it was used in.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.10.25 AM

I think the story does an excellent job of condensing what would be endless manuscripts into a fun and interactive experience. I think that the NYT did a good job of also comparing a wide variety of information, not only did it analyze the addresses themselves but also compared them to all other inaugural addresses. I personally find the color on the page to be bleak. I think it would have have maybe had been fun to see head shots of presidents in color, when color photos came about, etc., it maybe would have added some quirky historical context. Or even added audio/video clips of inaugural addresses that were available. Lastly, the story is not responsive in design (this may be due to the dated fashion of the site) but wouldn’t allow for the full capabilities of the site on mobile/tablets, which is a downfall in my opinion.


One thought on “NYT: Inaugural Words

  1. What an interesting interactive piece! Personally, this is a topic I’m naturally drawn to and I love that they made it accessible to the average person. This was very user friendly, but I agree as a whole it’s a bit drab design wise. It would have been fun to see them pay with the creative elements. But as a whole this piece was informative and engaging.


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