Design in Pinspiration

Maybe this is the cliche of all cliches, but I think Pinterest has a really great design, for one reason: the design fits the concept perfectly. If Pinterest was a website where you could bookmark and save normal articles, I feel it would get really cluttered and hard to navigate. Instead, the site uses the […]

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Apples to Organges

The task for this week’s blog assignment was to select the best-designed website on the web. To answer that question I did a lot of thinking and a lot of web surfing, and I hope I’m not beating around the bush here, but I found it impossible to choose the best-designed website out there. Websites […]

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Blog 7:

It’s literally the only commercial website I want to check once in a while. Apple’s official website offer a great textbook example of best visual experience and fluid navigation. As the innovator of both telecommunication technology and interactive design, Apple’s homepage bears nothing more than the most necessary information from a customer’s standpoint. No crazy hover […]

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Blog Post 7: Instagram’s Blog

In our fast-paced society, there seems to be an importance on visuals. We need more visuals in our print oublicafions and of course that means we need a lot of visuals online and other media platforms. One website that comes to mind that is the best-designed on the web and is very visual is Instagram’s […]

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